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For you to be on this page, this means you just did a renovation of your household. Walls are freshly painted, furniture is being moved around here and there, you finally decided to take the last step towards a refreshment and now when everything is over and the builders finally did their job, you sit on the nylon put over the sofa and suffer in silence. What a mess! There is paint to be skirted from practically everywhere, there is so much dust spread around that you are not sure what are you inhaling exactly and there is so much left to do that even the effort to get up and do it yourself physically hurts you.

Let’s think about this together - if only there was someone who could help you with the completion of this unbearable task. How much easier it would be and how much nerves can be saved if you just find someone who willingly will do the builders clean up for you. The good news is that there are people who will and do it gladly. There are people who love to clean and it’s their passion to put everything in order. And these people work with us at Builders Clean London.

Our cleaners are not just average people. We take special care in selecting our cleaners-to-be, each of them goes through a detailed training and we make sure that they are vetted and fully insured. We don’t take chances, we take opportunities and we make them happen. Our main goal is to provide our customers with outstanding performance and results, making sure that no one is disappointed.

Builders Clean London

Specialized builders clean services in London

Builders clean up - cleaning up after builders is not always easy and sometimes can be dangerous for your health. Depending on what kind of materials you use, there are some substances that may harm you and your family. For example, leftovers of paint might not seems as such big of a deal, but there are some chemicals in there which may seriously damage your well-being. Let us sweep up all the dust settled, skirt the paint and make your place look pleasant for you to enjoy the work done. This service is not hourly based and it is guaranteed, which means that the cleaners who will be sent to your property will not leave until they’re done and if in any reason you are not satisfied with the clean, they can re-do it for free.

Carpet steam cleaning - What do you do when you’re cold, when you want to hide and feel safe? You cuddle up in a blanket. The same thing is with germs and bacteria - they hide and feel safe in the fibres of your carpets. That’s why the steam cleaning technique is best with fighting dirt - steaming through the fibers, it simultaneously sucks up the dislodged dirt and dust mites. You can combine it best with our Builders Clean up service for more outstanding results.

Upholstery cleaning - we can also provide you with steam cleaning for your upholstery and curtains to finish off the brand new look of your home. The technique is the same as the one with Carpet Steam cleaning - the dirt is sucked up and it leaves your upholstery looking fresh. Also, we can remove different stains and make them disappear as if they were never there!

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